Ingubu methodology

Is your company part of the technological revolution?

Ingubu’s methodology is the perfect way to realize innovative projects in companies, no matter what their needs are. Our process is simple yet effective, and it has helped countless businesses achieve their goals. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help you achieve your vision, look no further.


Our team works closely with every client to understand their motivations, abilities and weaknesses. We use our expertise in innovation to help identify business opportunities and strategies for transformation. Our goal is to provide a complete Venture Building service that helps our clients achieve their goals.


Innovation sessions focused on the identification of objectives that are beneficial for the organization as a whole, Lean StartUP for example. These workshops may include game-based activities to encourage creativity and outside perspectives, as well as sessions with key stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on board with the goal of organizational innovation.

Follow-up and support

Application of different creativity and coaching techniques to key personnel along with technological solutions that allow you to quickly monitor innovation challenges and visualize the strategic agenda; offering an interface with the different business units.

Technological and sectoral foresight

Provision of key information associated with new technologies in reference sectors and the generation of foresight workshops; carrying out a continuous analysis of the technological ecosystem and the main sectoral actors.

Formulation of challenges

Support for the specification of objectives, formulation of MVP, and Business Case for their implementation (Innovation Delivery).


Our extensive experience and specialization allow us to propose a service model that promotes scenarios of collaboration, networking, generation of opportunities, value to our partners and expert collaborators in different areas of both strategy and technology.

We generate synergies at multiple levels


We make innovation a reality

We execute the project based on any of our areas of knowledge to improve the performance of the company or public entity. Connecting and providing specialization, resources, and technology.

Technological surveillance

A continuous and exhaustive analysis of new technologies that may have an impact on our customers’ Innovation Strategy. We connect the most cutting-edge concepts with the real needs of our customers.

Project management

Innovation management projects focused on improving services and products. We work closely with our customers’ teams to implement these changes.

Development of projects

Innovation managers like us work closely with our customers’ teams to improve their services and products. We focus on ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently, so our clients can continue providing excellent customer service. We help our customers to be more innovative!

Partnering and financing

We help you find the best ways to access technology and get the knowledge you need. We also work to reduce the costs associated with maintaining an innovative business.