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What is X-API and how does it enhance Artificial Intelligence?

For any system based on artificial intelligence that wants to be developed by a company, data collection is a fundamental section and in which these entities tend to fail the most. If the capture of this data has not been done over time or that data does not have sufficient quality, the development of such a system will be much more difficult.

If we focus on the EdTech sector applied to the world of ‘intra-company’ training, those data also have to be at the experiential level, that is, each of the experiences that a person has within their activity. The usefulness of this data is that to train the next generations who will occupy some activity within the company, a transfer of generational knowledge is needed. When you have that data, it is possible, through artificial intelligence and virtual reality, to create a system that is capable of teaching the skills and experiences that a certain job has for anyone new to the company.

What role does X-API have?

X-Api or Tin Can API is an eLearning specification that facilitates the collection of data that has to do with the experiences that a person has in a given position or activity. It is a great tool that allows you to share learning between multiple systems and in a specific format. That is, it brings together the behavior and performance data that a person has performing an activity even if different technologies are involved.

Flexibility and simplicity

The X-API easily overcomes the specifications and difficulties of previous models such as SCORM, being able to acquire data even from it.

SCORM is the most widely used e-learning standard. If an LMS is compatible with SCORM, it can play any content and vice versa. It has come in handy to achieve great advances but it does not capture the totality of e-learning, since learning and experiences happen everywhere and with different technologies.

How does X-API work?

  • Anyone who needs to learn a process needs the interactions that other people have with that process. All these actions are part of learning, however simple they may seem. X-PI is in charge of recording all of them.
  • When some type of activity is recorded, the application sends data to a store of learning records.
  • The LRS is aware of all the actions that have been carried out and captured with the X.API and allows you to manage that knowledge.

Fundamental advantage of X-API

The experience API breaks boundaries where any traditional LMS had never been able to reach because all the information it contained was delimited to a few platforms. However, X-API allows you to capture almost imperceptible activities that are within a process that can be taught to new generations, work easily with that data, move it and cross it with different sources.

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