Inteligencia artificial en la administración pública

The modernization of the Public Administration goes through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an opportunity that is mainly being taken advantage of by the private sector, however, the public administration has a great ally to improve people’s lives. Speaking specifically of Spain, we find countless slow and outdated processes where Artificial Intelligence could completely change the conception of the public entity. For both better and worse, it is a world yet to be discovered, so any new idea could turn the established upside down.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

Chatbots or Virtual Assistants

This is one of the most “traditional”, if that word can be used by talking about technology, and useful for the attention to the public of the different levels of government. In general, virtual assistants could have the function of resolving general doubts about services or procedures, as well as unblocking the most saturated organisms. This technology is becoming more and more cutting-edge thanks to advances in natural language processing (NLP).

The greatest benefit that citizens could experience with respect to chatbots in the public administration is in the cost savings of personnel dedicated to solving doubts and, mainly, in the speed of response that this technology has. Therefore, the number of people served at the end of the day, as well as the quality of the response will be better.

Artificial intelligence in the health sector

Since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, different solutions based on artificial intelligence have been exploited to the world of health. Based on this virus, a great benefit is in the control of crowds of people in certain parts of a city. That is, to have control of the areas where the virus is most likely to spread and to be able to take action on it. In the same way, action can be taken, for example, with areas where there is greater pollution to keep people who may be harmed by that environment on notice. We would turn conventional cities into smart cities that “take care” of the people who are in them.

Exploiting public big data

Governments and administrations have access to large amounts of data that increase daily, but from which 100% of their potential is not realized. From these data, very important conclusions can be drawn to improve people’s lives. For example, in which areas there is the highest number of reports of theft and as a result increase surveillance in those areas. Here aspects of AI such as Machine Learning and even Deep Learning come into play.

In short

Despite the fact that AI implementation in public administration could bring great changes, it may be difficult to see these changes in the short term. This is because there can be complexities in implementing AI in some public organizations. However, it has been proven that this technology can improve people’s lives and change the way we see public bodies.

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