Corporate management

Applying to a business intelligence company, managing internal knowledge, or improving production are intrinsic objectives for any company. What would you tell me if artificial intelligence made each of them more accessible for you?

Articles of interest

Virtual Reality for the internal training of a company

There are many jobs that require prior mentoring to be able to carry them out and that knowledge, which are ultimately data, is not being treated in the right way to be able to implement a training model within a company.

Formación para empresas con realidad virtual

Predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0

To what extent is it possible to predict the maintenance of machinery? Can the industry entrust its fate to artificial intelligence? These questions arise around the implementation of AI-based technology in a sector such as industrial, and the answer is more than positive.

Real success stories

Any company has a lot of knowledge that isn’t always efficiently transmitted to new generations. We’re talking about processes or actions that are necessary for optimal performance and can be transferred to any employee using artificial intelligence.


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Technological scope

Just as knowledge management is important, it is crucial to have an intelligent organizational model, discover the shortcomings that a company has in its processes through artificial intelligence and provide the best solution.
Technologies such as Chatbots, Machine Learning or Predictive Maintenance come into play here.

Progress in the insurance sector

The expertise of insurance companies is a process with difficulty in reducing costs. You need a person to move, analyze, and determine the damage. However, Ingubu is working to reduce that cost based on artificial intelligence. What would happen if the cost of the damage could be determined based on the analysis of some photos of the client? We have already crossed this goal by investing in technology.

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