Industry 4.0

The industrial sector has discovered a great ally in technology based on artificial intelligence. Processes such as maintenance or internal training can undergo a real revolution based on technological innovation.

Articles of interest

Virtual Reality for the internal training of a company

There is a lack of data-driven training models within companies. This means that many jobs that require prior mentoring are not being carried out effectively. The right kind of data needs to be collected and used in order to create effective training models.

Predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0

To what extent is it possible to predict the maintenance of machinery? Can the industry entrust its fate to artificial intelligence? These questions arise around the implementation of AI-based technology in a sector such as the industrial, and the answer is more than positive.

Real success stories

The implementation of Augmented Reality in industrial environments offers great benefits. Environments such as Logistics or Industrial Maintenance – where traditional labor is still intensive – can obtain substantial improvements in the reduction of errors, security and in the optimization of all processes.


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Technological scope

However, the technological scenario, with dozens of devices and frameworks, that quickly appear and disappear, caused our client – a provider of ICT solutions in the industrial environment – to face excessive technological dispersion and limited their possibilities of offering a stable deployment and support service.

In addition, key aspects in the industrial environment: prevention of occupational risks, needs to wear gloves, helmets, noises…… were an added challenge. We were challenged to work – through our Innovation Delivery and Ecosystem services – on the design and validation of an environment for the integration of AR-based solutions for industrial environments that would allow the agile inclusion of new services.


Contribute interactively to the design and validation of a framework for the agile deployment of intelligent Augmented Reality services in industrial environments and establish an ecosystem of companies at the European level to ensure stable support.

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