Financial environment

Artificial intelligence has changed the conception of ESG investments in the world. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to know the reality of companies and what the consumer thinks about them.

Articles of interest

NLP and its role in artificial intelligence

There are many jobs that require prior mentoring to be able to carry them out and that knowledge, which are ultimately data, is not being treated in the right way to be able to implement a training model within a company.

Real success stories

Is it possible to know the climate of opinion around a company? If it is close to the investor, yes, but what if it is in another part of the world? Artificial intelligence and natural language processing come to solve this.

One of Ingubu’s most important projects is focused on applying the ESG criteria worldwide to facilitate investments in these companies.


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Technological scope

Away from marketing strategies, Ingubu technology allows you to analyze the climate of opinion around a company through the analysis of the press or the comments that users make of it. Interpreting what the feelings and emotions that emanate from written texts are.

With this data, it gives an assessment based on ESG (environmental, social, and governmental factors), and based on that the investor decides what to do.


Facilitate investment in environmentally sustainable companies that do not have any internal or external link with harmful entities (weapons, exploitation, etc.)

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