Public administration

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to greatly improve people’s lives, and the public sector is in a prime position to take advantage of this opportunity. However, the private industry is currently ahead of the curve in terms of AI adoption.

Articles of interest

Modernize public administration with AI

We find countless slow and outdated processes where Artificial Intelligence could completely change the conception of the public entity. For both better and worse, it is a world yet to be discovered, so any new idea could turn the established upside down.

What is Natural Language Processing or NLP?

It is a discipline that has been developing for many years (as long as artificial intelligence). It arises from the need that humans had to be able to improve communication between humans and machines, since the native language of computers is incomprehensible to most people.

Real success stories

Smart people living in smart cities? So futuristic that it scares, but it’s a reality. The public administration must take the step to improve people’s lives in all cities by making them smart. How is this possible? With artificial intelligence and innovative ideas, it is possible to control potential sources of infection from diseases such as Covid, and create healthier routes for allergic people or smarter routes depending on traffic.


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Technological scope

But public administration is much more than that; it is an accumulation of processes that, with population growth, are becoming slower and more difficult. Here, artificial intelligence based on natural language processing is especially important, being able to create different virtual assistance structures or chatbots that accelerate processes and generate less fatigue for the public entity.

Thinking about people's health

From the public administration, the health of people living in cities can be improved. Ingubu technology allows control of agglomerations to, for example, prevent the transmission of diseases. This technology also allows to create better routes of passage for people with respiratory, heart, and any types of problems.

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