Artificial intelligence is capable of enhancing a sector with as many years of development as health and medicine. Controlling crowds in order to manage possible expansions of a pandemic or intensively monitor a patient’s day-to-day life is just the tip of the iceberg.

Articles of interest

Modernization of public administration with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an opportunity that is mainly being taken advantage of by the private sector, however, the public administration has a great ally to improve people’s lives too.

Real success stories

The importance of artificial intelligence in controlling a pandemic can be the key to avoiding disasters with Covid-19. AI allows you to locate possible points of transmission of the virus to make decisions accordingly before the problem occurs.


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Technological scope

On an individual scale, Ingubu has developed a technology that allows chronic diseases to be monitored according to the patient’s habits. In this way, both diagnosis and treatment are much more reliable on the part of the doctor.

A step towards smart cities

Cities taking care of people. This is one of the goals of artificial intelligence in its modernizing process of society. There is a large amount of data (still to be exploited) that a city gives off and that can make us implement a technology that revolutionizes our way of life for the better. Are you part of the change?

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